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3951 Haverhill Road Suite # 109
West Palm Beach, Florida
Phone: 561.689.6670 Fax: 561.689.6786

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HaTikvah Counseling Center
Maureen Lansat,LMHC


Education       Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance
                          Teaching Certificate in Regular and special education
                          Nine years experience in public schools
                          Three year post graduate program in Family Systems Theory
                          at Samaritan Counseling Center
                          Seven years clinical experience in psychotherapy


License            Mental Health Counseling


Philosophy    Whole Life Relationship Therapy defined:              
                         Application and integration of Spiritual Principles
                         Application and importance of proper money management
                         Application and integration of positive thoughts
                         Application of emotional inner-healing
                         Integration of Adult and Child ego states
                         Application of Systems Theory, Behavioral Theory and
                         Spiritual Principles to assist clients in their interpersonal relationships
                         Developmental blocks are discovered,healed and integrated
                         Clients discover how to spot dysfunctional areas in their lives
                         Clients use their creativity to heal


Services       Types of therapy offered:

                        Individual counseling
                        Couples counseling
                        Family counseling
                        Women's groups
                        Men's groups
                        Mixed groups
                        Spiritual growth groups
                        Weight management groups

                                    Individual clients may choose to participate in a combination of services if                                     more support is needed.